A technology breakthrough for healthcare.

Zedsen's non-invasive sensor technology promises to disrupt the current healthcare model by enabling predictive care and preventive treatments through globally connected networks.

What is a Zedsen sensor?

Our versatile, low-cost, patented technology can identify and analyse any substance, material or composition of human tissue. From changing levels of glucose in the blood, to tumours in the breast, or even identifying the presence of arthritis, Zedsen strives to shift the paradigm from curative to preventative care.

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How does it work?

Zedsen’s innovative sensing method is made possible by a patented lattice of transmitting and receiving electrodes, creating a harmless three-dimensional dynamic electrical field. Using a series of complex algorithms, Zedsen can instantly recognise the unique electrical signatures of any material within this field.

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leadership team


Sir Charles Masefield



Daniel Honeywell

Chief Executive Officer


Dr Hrand Mamigonians

Chief Technology Officer


John Sculley

Strategic Advisor