We believe it’s what’s inside that counts

Zedsen is on a mission to empower every person on earth with an insight into the inner workings of their body. Our world-first technology unobtrusively gathers key biological signals from within using non-invasive sensors.

Data gathered leads to hyper-personalised insights about health, fitness, diet and emotional wellbeing, with support and suggestions as unique as each individual user. Small lifestyle changes have significant impact by helping to prevent and reverse trends towards harmful conditions, and keep us healthier for longer.

Personalised data has the power to change the individual and collective data changes the world. We are committed to helping scientists and clinicians better understand the complexities of the human body. In the process of making us healthier individuals, together we will make the world a healthier place too

leadership team


Daniel Honeywell

Chief Executive Officer


Mike Veitch

Chief Operating Officer


Dr Caroline Hargrove CBE FREng

Chief Technology Officer


Sir Charles Masefield


John Sculley

John Sculley

Strategic Advisor