Zedsen’s award-winning 3D sensors are non-invasive, non-radiating and have no negative effect on biological tissue. Its unique properties are enabling a new generation of products and applications, developed in conjunction with leading academic, public and private organisations.


Zedsen's sensors benefit from a combination of applied patents and sophisticated machine learning algorithms and capabilities.

Material identification

Zedsen’s sensors can recognise any material – whether solid, liquid, powder or gas. They can give the exact composition of these materials and elements in a complex object, even if it is inside another object.

Unique signature

Zedsen's technology combines proprietary hardware, firmware and software to detect minute changes to the sensor's field. This results in accurate identification of the unique signature of any object. 


Zedsen sensors are underpinned by advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities that create novel imaging capabilities for automated diagnostics. 

Pressure mapping

The sensors can measure pressure, angle and gradient over thousands of discrete points. The sensors can also accurately determine the weight of an object in complex environments such as a car seat or a patient lying in bed. 

Safe and Harmless

Zedsen’s technology requires very little power to operate. Our sensors are non-invasive and safe, with no adverse effect on the objects that they are sensing.

Flexible and Durable

The sensors are printed utilising established manufactured techniques. They are inherently flexible, durable and inexpensive to produce. This allows for integration into other products to enable next-generation applications.  


Zedsen’s sensor technology has a wide range of capabilities - including a number of, not yet announced, unique and highly disruptive healthcare applications in an advanced stage of development or undergoing clinical trials.


Human controlled security scanners often miss the very thing they are looking for. Zedsen is working on intelligent security solutions, integrating sensors that help to eliminate these errors and automatically alerting the operator, improving detection rates for suspicious substances.

Smart aerodynamics

Zedsen technology can produce high-resolution pressure maps of actual or ambient pressure, both positive and negative. The sensors can measure pressure and weight over many thousands of points of measurement – ensuring complete accuracy.

Patient monitoring

Pressure sores developed through long periods in bed cost significant amounts to treat and can be fatal. Patient injuries can occur through manipulation to measure their weight. Zedsen bed sensors can help to alleviate pressure to prevent sores and weigh patients in-situ.