Our Team

Our leadership team comprises some of the most preeminent engineers and business leaders from the both sides of the Atlantic. Our technical team is made up of industry experts and passionate entrepreneurs. Together we make great things happen.

Sir Charles Masefield


Sir Charles is an eminent British engineer and began his career as an aerospace apprentice rising to become Commercial Director of Airbus. From 1993-1998 Sir Charles was Head of Exports within the British government and knighted for his contribution to increasing British exports. From 1999-2007 Sir Charles served as Vice Chairman and then President of BAE Systems, overseeing annual sales of $35 billion. More recently, Sir Charles was the Chairman of Microsulis Medical which pioneered microwave cancer ablation, now in widespread use in cancer hospitals around the world.

Mike Veitch

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer for Zedsen, Mike is responsible for delivering on Zedsen’s strategic priorities. Prior to his COO role, Mike built his impressive portfolio of work in digital transformation, product, design, technology, innovation, advertising, branding, production, and agile product development; holding several key product, design and technology positions with global brands such as Google and Just Eat. Alongside his success in working with clients, Mike led the growth of two digital and product studios, achieving amazing results including being ranked highly within Deloitte Fast 50 technology companies 3 years running for rehabstudio. Mike believes the best work is delivered through nurturing diverse high performing teams using modern team structures and practices. At Zedsen, Mike is committed to empowering his team to deliver products that allow consumers to take ownership of their health for better health outcomes.

Matt James

Head of Operations

Matt’s intrinsic role at Zedsen ensures our operational processes are robust and watertight. Matt strategically manages the timely delivery of our projects; leads on recruitment and provides diligent HR support for our highly qualified team; maintains our comprehensive and secure data room; and manages many third party relationships with Government organisations, academic institutions, and industry suppliers and collaborators. Matt brings over 20 years of programme delivery and digital development expertise to Zedsen; with global experience in aerospace, UK defence, telecoms, automotive, fin-tech, medical and non-fiction publishing.

Kenny Murdoch

Senior Hardware Engineer

Kenny plays a crucial role in innovating hardware solutions across all Zedsen projects. He has a meticulous understanding of the impact of design, and ensures the physical properties of the device are conducive to accuracy. Kenny’s rapid ability to progress Zedsen’s projects was demonstrated when he took our proof-of-concept derma device to a prototype ready for clinical trials within 6 weeks; including all CAD design and debugging. Kenny brings over 15 years experience in a spectrum of technology sectors including CO2 and YAG lasers, designing infrared security devices and gaming machines. Kenny has also worked on repairing ultrasonic generators, armed forces communications, anti-hacking for finance security, and collimators for radiotherapy linear particle accelerators.

John Sculley

Strategic Advisor

Few entrepreneurs have been as successful across so many fields as Sculley. Prominently known for his days as CEO of Pepsi where he was responsible for the creation of the two liter bottle and the Pepsi Challenge, John also was CEO of Apple for more than ten years and was responsible for growing the company over 1000 percent. During his tenure the Mac became the largest selling hardware in the world. John is a frequent guest on business television shows around the world and a keynote speaker at many high profile events. He has received 10 honorary PhD degrees and is on the board of numerous $multi-billion healthcare startups.

Ewan Lister

Head of Hardware

Ewan guides our expert engineering team in translating Zedsen’s sensor into real world products and services, and continually explores opportunities to expand and develop our core technology to change the trajectory of care. Prior to his role at Zedsen, Ewan was Managing Director of MR Solutions where he led a team of 25 to grow revenues by 500% and increase profits by 400% over a 2-year period, by creating a low-cost high performance MRI spectrometer for use in both medical and research applications. His extensive portfolio of expertise spans multiple industries including medical, space, aviation, consumer, and defence; and includes MR Solutions (MRI Spectrometer), Sarissa Biomedical (Portable Blood Analysis for Stroke), Vicon Motion Capture (Facial Motion Capture), IBM (Computer Monitors), Surrey Satellite Technology (Earth Observation Platform), GE Aviation (Actuators for Primary Control Surfaces for new Comac C919 Aircraft). With a BSc (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Paisley College of Technology (Now University of the West of Scotland), Ewan’s ambition is to create an environment that ensures the engineering team’s delivery of Zedsen’s revolutionary technology, and to create a paradigm shift in healthcare.

Emily Honeywell

Head of Brand

Empathy, trust and empowerment are the foundations of our new category of healthcare, and Emily is responsible for building our brand based on humanity and integrity from the inside out. Prior to Zedsen, Emily co-founded Digital Shoreditch, a technology festival that was twinned with SXSW and globally recognised in its first year. At age 21, she was invited to join an advisory group which met at 10 Downing Street to help then PM David Cameron shape the Tech City initiative, Entrepreneurs Visa, and support the UK Government in its technology innovation strategy. She was subsequently offered a leadership role at the government’s Innovate UK technology programme, to find and fund new talent in wearables, fashion and retail, and help startups to scale through partnerships with brands including Selfridges, Samsung, Google, and Sony. This adventure led her to work with some of the brightest minds she’d ever known, learning that curiosity and a deep and driving belief that you could change the status quo was the only unifying characteristic of these successful entrepreneurs. Emily was inspired to start her own brand, Harvey & Mills, making luxury, hand-painted, sustainable activewear with sell-out collections shipped and stocked globally. Emily has a first-class degree in Music from the University of Leeds, where she obtained the highest grade in the history of the department and was awarded the Lord Snowdon Award for notable achievement in academic study. Emily has consulted for Zedsen since its inception, and is committed to the creation of an enduring brand that champions creativity and innovation, ensuring our magical technology has widespread life-enhancing impact.

Dr Zhe Wang

Senior Firmware Engineer

Zhe draws upon the over 20 years hands-on experience developing and co-designing embedded solutions in the space where software meets hardware. He rapidly and meticulously creates novel firmware solutions across all Zedsen applications, utilising his vast knowledge of the latest technologies. Since completing his PhD from the University of Reading in 2007, Zhe advanced his portfolio of electronics expertise as principle developer for over 30 products, managing every aspect of the product cycle from specification right through to mass production. Zhe has held senior roles at highly innovative companies such as Dyson, Paradox Ltd, and Pyronix Ltd.

Dr Tim Westwood

Technical Product Manager

Tim is fundamental to the pioneering research that underpins Zedsen’s technological breakthroughs. He designs many of our clinical trials; publishes academic papers to deeply and thoroughly explore the capabilities of our applications; develops our software and underlying algorithms used for image reconstruction; as well as investigating the fundamental physics behind Zedsen’s pioneering technology. Tim graduated from Imperial College London with both a BSc and an MSc in mathematics and is currently studying for a DPhil at the University of Oxford as a member of the Oxford Center for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (OxPDE). Tim has also held a visiting researcher position at the London Mathematical Laboratory (LML) and has presented his work at international conferences from the UK to as far afield as Japan.

Dr Hrand Mamigonians

Chief Technology Innovation Officer

Hrand is one of the foremost world experts in sensor technology with over 30 years experience in this field. A visiting professor to a number of universities, Hrand is renowned for his encyclopedic knowledge on sensor technology. Hrand has applied his expert knowledge of electronic design and manufacture to commercial applications including the invention of the baby monitor for Tomy – selling over 8m units – and the invention of the digital tablet. Throughout Hrand’s career, he has been granted over 40 UK and international patents.

Dr Caroline Hargrove CBE FREng

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO of Zedsen, Caroline is responsible for taking Zedsen’s pioneering non-invasive sensor technology and developing it into consumer and medical products that will transform how we proactively monitor our health.  She is also a Non-Executive Director at Ceres Power and a Trustee of the National Saturday Club. Caroline started her career as a lecturer in Engineering at Cambridge, followed by various roles in McLaren Formula 1, mainly focused on the development of simulations and the first F1 simulator. She moved to McLaren Applied Technologies as a founding member in 2008, to apply F1 technologies to other markets and became its CTO, before moving to become Babylon Health’s CTO in 2018. Caroline is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and was Visiting Professor at Oxford from 2015 to 2018.  She received a CBE for services to Engineering in 2020. Caroline is committed to building a strong technology organisation which will enable Zedsen’s products to change people’s lives, driving healthier choices through meaningful unobtrusive real time biological feedback.

Daniel Polec

Senior Hardware Engineer

Daniel is an electronics expert, and is a hands-on engineer as well as an accomplished designer of PCBs. He can often be found fine-soldering and setting up a complex array of oscilloscopes, or taking part in a detailed analysis of Zedsen modelling and simulation tests. With a BSc 1st in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Daniel augments his formal education with decades of experience as a multidisciplinary engineer in fields including Embedded C, RF/EMC/RFI and Analogue Design. Daniel refined his impressive skillset at SNR, a national telecommunications company in Romania; Muirhead Avionics MRO; and Honeywell Aerospace.

Daniel Honeywell

Chief Executive Officer

Since the formation of Zedsen, Daniel has raised investment, built an expert internal team and secured world-class third-party relationships. His ability to simultaneously undertake high-level strategic decisions whilst driving detailed developments has led to rapid progress within the company. Under Daniel’s leadership, Zedsen has secured a place in the top ten fastest-growing start-ups in the UK according to Syndicate Room. His passion and belief in the technology, combined with his ability to build expert advisory teams and apply the best of their collective knowledge, makes him a powerful and dynamic leader.

Anna Malek

Head of HR

As Zedsen’s lead on HR and Organisational Design and Development, Anna is responsible for developing our talent and leadership capabilities and fostering a culture of diversity, creativity and empowerment. Prior to Zedsen, Anna held HR leadership and management positions in small, medium and large corporate businesses, where she developed international teams in sectors including technology, legal, insurance and finance. Through this kaleidoscope of expertise, Anna developed a highly customisable approach to optimising organisational efficiency, perfectly tailored to suit each business and their unique strategic requirements. With an MSc in Human Resource Management and Organisational Analysis from King’s College London University; a BSc in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations from the London School of Economics; a postgraduate degree in Employment Law from Surrey University, as well as multiple ICF qualifications in individual and team coaching, transactional analysis and organisational development, Anna brings deep insight and understanding across all areas of HR. Having lived in Spain, Poland, Russia and the UK, she has, by nature, an international adaptability and fosters diversity in culture creation. Anna’s people-orientated strategy enables an engaging and high-performance culture that the Zedsen team are proud to be part of.

Amelia Beaumont

Company Secretarial Manager